personalized TOOTHBRUSH

5.99 CAD

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Bamboo Toothbrush. Personalization. Biodegradable toothbrush. Zero waste and eco-friendly packaging.

traditional toothbrushes
The standard toothbrush made of a hard plastic handle and a set of soft nylon bristles with plastic packaging. Since 1930s, plastic toothbrushes have been produced and thrown away because they are not recyclable or biodegradable. The number of plastic toothbrushes has been increased and we need to rethink impact of plastic toothbrushes and try to use little or no plastic.
material information

Bristles was made of Nylon 6 and the handle is 100% Bamboo.


In order to dispose of your bamboo brush properly please notice that the bristles are not biodegradable. If your city does not accept Nylon 6 in its recycling scheme, the bristles have to be landfilled which cause 0.1 ounces of plastic waste. This way you can reduce much more waste from regular plastic toothbrushes. Please use a tweezer or plier to remove the bristles from the head.

However, the handle can be upcycled or compost at a commercial composting bin and at home. You can simply return the handle to the soil and it will be composted in 6 months in your backyard.

Subscription plans

You will receive 3-packs of Tooth Bites with a personalized bamboo toothbrush at once which reduce your carbon footprint. You save 20% ~30% of retail price with free shipping. More importantly, we want to maintain a long-term relationship with you and help you go greener. We will also send our newest products to you for free!

9.66 cad

per month

Tooth Bites - 180 tabs

Tooth Bites for 3 months. Personalized Bamboo Toothbrush. Free shipping.

8.99 cad

per month

Tooth Bites - 360 tabs

Tooth Bites for 6 months.

2 personalized Bamboo Toothbrushes. Free shipping.

8.33 cad

per month

Tooth Bites - 720 tabs

Tooth Bites for 12 months.

4 personalized Bamboo Toothbrushes. Free shipping.

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