Affordable Green Set

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✨  Affordable Green Set ✨



- 1 Tooth Powder in a Glass Jar (100g)

- 1 personalized bamboo toothbrush 

- 1 reusable wooden spoon 

- 1 vegan floss 



Don't forget to leave a memo of the names you would like on your toothbrush(s) at checkout - 👀  Character limit to 8 letters.

Donate Toothbrush

We will donate an additional toothbrush to Spadina-Fort York Community Care Program when you select "NO" for the personalized toothbrush option.

This way we save time in labour and help people in need.

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Reduce your financial compromise when it comes to green shopping - Sustainable & Affordable.

Sometimes the choices are not even available because of one's financial stability. Simply making green products affordable can allow more people to make sustainable choices.

Do you want more people to understand why affordable green products are needed more?

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No Harsh Chemicals and Fluoride

Replace 36grams of plastic

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Clean Brushing

If half of the people in the world brushes their teeth, that means 31.2 billion toothpaste tubes are disposed of annually.

Conventional toothpaste is much cheaper than other green toothpaste. Our solution is to make the transition easy by making it affordable.

Unlike other eco-products on the market, Oxygenate make products are much more affordable while reducing waste.


Option ☝️ , Use a spoon to pour it into your mouth.

Option ✌️, ‎‎Dip your brush directly into the jar.

Custom Your Toothbrush

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Thoughts for the earth

We undergo extensive research to understand our impact throughout the lifecycle of what we create.

Small but mighty

We designed products to make people's life easier while keeping a minimal carbon footprint.

Safe for everyone

Our products are made with natural ingredients that are safe for humans and for the planet.