Who we are

Our mission is to oxygenate the earth by minimizing waste.

We reinvent essential items reduce waste. 



Our Values





 Year in 2019 - 2021 

I experienced the difficulty to find essential item that is  safe  for human and the  planet . I found the need and urgency to change my  wasteful  lifestyle. My first goal is to make everyone's life greener and help them to reduce  plastic  waste with Tooth Bites.

 Year in 2022 

After the pandemic, we found the needs for being affordable is important for people. Being affordable allows more people to access green products. In order to do that, we switched Tooth Bites to Tooth Powder and reduce the price by half. We started our new project "Affordable Green" on February 2022.

 Our Commitment 

Dedication to reduce our negative impact on the environment by minimizing waste. We are discovering a new way of living with minimal waste. Make less waste and educate ourselves to lead the global citizens.