The City of Toronto spend $25 million to clean up litter each year.

We organized cleanups every 2 weeks with community members to raise the awareness of waste. We names our cleanups "SelfAndLess" because we thought this action is releasing attachment to self, is attaching oneself to less.



31 people from GTA joined our 6 cleanups between July and October.

Our SelfAndLess movement resulted in cleaning up 20.4 kg of garage in our neighbourhoods. Places we cleaned are

- First cleanup, Woodbine Beach

- Second cleanup, Scarborough Bluff

- Third cleanup, Mimico Waterfront Park Trail

- Fourth cleanup, Vimy Ridge Parkette and Beach

- Fifth cleanup, Cathedral Bluffs Park

- Sixth cleanup, Woodbine Beach 

    We are planning to organize more cleanups when the weather gets warm. One of our fellow cleanup participants Vicky wrote about our cleanups in the blog. Our social media account @selfandless will share more stories about our upcoming cleanups and news. If you want to join us contact us you are always welcome!


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