In The Summer of 2020

We organized six cleanups in the summer 2022. We gathered with friends and families to raise the awareness of waste.


We named our cleanups "SelfAndLess" because we thought this action is releasing attachment to self, is attaching oneself to less. During this time, 31 people from GTA joined our cleanups between July and October.

SelfAndLess movement resulted in cleaning up 20.4 kg of trash in our neighbourhoods.

The City of Toronto spend $25 million to clean up litter each year. Our small groups of people were able to clean up 20 kg of waste. Isn't this amazing to see how we can make an impact when we have a collective movement?

We are planning to organize more cleanups when the weather gets warm. One of our fellow cleanup participants Vicky wrote about our cleanups in theblog. Our social media account@selfandless will share more stories about our upcoming cleanups and news.

You Wanna Be Part Of #SelfAndLess Movement?