To oxygenate the earth

by minimizing waste

Oxygenate was founded on the ambition to develop a way to minimize waste. We realized there are not enough waste-free products and we wanted to help change that. Beyond making waste-freeproducts, we also aim to implement greener solutions for local businesses. We hope our small foot steps can make a greater impact on the world.

Oxygenate values


Oxygenate will share its resources with local business owners to create greener practices.


Oxygenate will only use recyclable and compostable materials to minimize waste.


Oxygenate is active on social media. We value transparency and communication with our customers and community.


Oxygenate will assist Canadians in producing greener habits. 

the inspiration

I watched a video from Buzzfeed that showed a woman trying to live waste-free for 30 days. The amount of waste that she saved was inspiring! So inspiring in fact, that I decided to take action and minimize my waste as well. I started to buy naked products, free of packaging. However, I could not find waste-free toothpaste.


In 2016, out of the 4,667kt of plastics, only 9% of them were recycled and 4% were incinerated for energy recovery. The 86% of plastics was landfilled. A value loss of CA$7.8 billion, based on the original value of the raw material in Canada.


One regular toothpaste tube lasts about 6 months when you brush twice a day. There are 74.82 millions toothpaste tubes are thrown away from Canada every year.


Use sustainable products that can be recycled and compostable. We use paper box to minimize the waste and allow people to recycle or compost its packaging.

Tooth Bites is our first product and

first step to minimizing our waste.

Tooth Bites is the greener way

to make a positive impact on our environment.

Oxygenate Team

- Hana Bae, Founder -

- Sajill Sehdev, Operations Leads -

- Sarah Ahn, Customer Services -