Bamboo Toothbrush

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Bamboo toothbrushes generate  21 times less plastic than regular toothbrushes.🌟  Our toothbrush made with Nylon 6 with 100% bamboo handle. Bristles are medium hardness.

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Donate Toothbrush

We will donate an additional toothbrush to Spadina-Fort York Community Care Program when you select "NO" for the personalized toothbrush option.

This way we save time in labour and help people in need.

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Made with bamboo handle and nylon bristles.

Replacing 18grams of plastic

Waste From Ocean

According to Dr. Lavers study, toothbrushes was one of easily identifiable plastic waste from ocean. Many studies explained that some marine life seek out plastic to eat not accidentally consume. Over time, marine plastic can absorb aquatic odors making them smell like food to some fish and bird species.

Although our bamboo toothbrush made with Nylon 6, it still generates 21 times less plastic than regular toothbrushes.

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