Woodbine Beach Cleanup

Why we organized beach cleanup

We like to have a conversation with our followers on our social media. We saw one of our followers went to the beach to pick up garbages.

She inspired us to make more actionable plans. Instead of waiting for people to take action, we wanted to take a step forward to create an opportunity to do something good for the community together.

During the quarantine, many of us were missing human interaction.

So, we decided to organize cleanup with community members and our customers. This cleanup can create a space to interact with people who share the same value and motivate each other while making a positive impact on the environment.

Oxygenate supporters

We organized our first cleanup at Woodbine beach. Ron, Peter, Sage, and Vicky joined us for two hours. We were super happy to meet people who are willing to help the planet. Everyone has a beautiful mind that concerns about the environment. Thank you so much for coming and joining us.

The result and the next cleanup

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In the spend of one and a half hours, we collected four garbage bags and one full recycling bag of garbage. It was sad to see how much garbage was thrown away on the beach. We found a lot of cigarette butts and empty bottles (water, beer, and soft drinks).

Our next plan is to keep the cleanup going with more people. If you are interested in joining our next cleanups, send us a message on social media or email!

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