What You Should Consider Gifting Mom

Happy Mother’s Day To Moms

We love celebrating special moments in life and come Sunday, we will be celebrating a special person who has raised us to become the individuals we are today – our mothers. All mothers deserve the best. But with stores closed because of the coronavirus, there are not many choices you can make for your gifts for your mother. Besides, preparing gifts for mothers is always kind of a hard decision to make – we understand, what could you possibly give someone who has given you everything?

One more mom - the earth

The problem is, there’s one more mom we need to consider but normally we haven’t – the Earth.

In 2017, Canadians sent around 100,000 elephants worth of wrapping paper to the dump. It means 540,000 tonnes of wrapping paper and gift bags are thrown out each year. Gift bags, tape, and ribbons cannot be recycled. Some cities, like Toronto, will recycle plain paper gift wrap but anything with glitter or velvet or foil on it has to be removed.

If every family reused just two feet of holiday ribbon, the 38,000 miles of ribbon saved could tie a bow around the entire planet. If every American family wrapped just 3 presents in re-used materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.

So if you are still concerned about what to prepare for Mother’s day, let’s take greener products into consideration. Not only as a gift of love to amazing moms but also to help contribute to a greener environment that will sustain and foster many more Mother’s Days and memories to come!

Mothers Concern About Environment Problems More

Even though moms have a million other things to do for their families they still prioritize keeping the environment clean and sustainable. As it turns out, being a mother and having the need and care to take care of their children also makes them more likely to be concerned with environmental problems.

Researchers call this the “motherhood effect”. You do not have to be a mother to care about the state of our planet. Just by doing your research and educating yourself on our impact on the planet, you too can build compassion for the environment. There is no excuse to say that you are too busy to care about what is going on to the planet.

Mother's Day With Oxygenate

Mother's day is a day for mom. We all have plenty of stories that we can remember about spending time with our moms and the lessons we learned from the memories you share.

We at Oxygenate wanted to know what green practices your mom instilled in you. To thank you for sharing your experience we gave away a free mother’s day gift to 4 people who receive the most likes on their comment.


The Mother's Day gift includes a bamboo toothbrush stamped with "MOM" and 62 tabs of Mint Charcoal Tooth Bites.

We also want to share a story from the winners Keria Grad and Sydney Grad.

These two sisters were selected as winners and shared what they do for the planet with their mother. The Grad family has been planting tomatoes and their mom got matching reusable water bottles for the whole family!

Sydney also sent us the picture of their tomatoes that her family planted together.

We want to help you thank your mom for teaching you green habits by giving her a gift we know she will appreciate. Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, we provided 1-day delivery services for those who are living in Toronto.

We are planning to hold more fun and eco-friendly events through this channel and to give more interesting and awakening stories about our planet. So if you are interested, please leave a comment about!

What You Should Consider Gifting Mom