[Pride Month special] Let's go green with LGBTQ+

Happy pride month!


June is Pride Month! We celebrate Pride to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred in the US at the end of June 1969. LGBTQ+ Pride is the promotion of the self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, and queer individuals. 

Although we cannot fully enjoy this colorful month because of COVID-19, do not worry because we will still be able to celebrate it through the Virtual Pride Parade. Also, this gives us time to understand what this movement is about, and what we can do to support it. 

Today, we met with members of the LGBTQ+ community. They are our neighbours and influencers who are trying to make an impact on society, with their specialties and environmental approaches. I hope you enjoy meeting Sophia.

Break Down The Binary Categories


The core foundation of the Liberty Line was born from Sophia's personal experience with limited options in the fashion industry. She felt affordable fashion was still very geared towards a binary gendered system. Thus, with the goal of changing the system to be more inclusive, she created a clothing line that was made for everyone. 

I told myself that I wanted to be a part of that change where we can move towards creating a fashion industry for people of all genders to feel safe and welcome. "

Sophia, Founder of Liberty Line
Rainbow Tank


As an LGBTQ business owner, there are multiple challenges Sophia had to overcome. She mentioned that the biggest challenge is having to explain why this brand and space are necessary. It is difficult to explain how the mid-level fashion industry is not inclusive of all genders and why it creates barriers for some people to shop.

Liberty Line wants to provide that safe, inclusive, welcoming space for people to explore fashion. It's crucial to Sophia that she can at least provide the platform and listen to others to learn how to better the business. 

Sophia, what can make pride greener?


Sophia is willing to learn more about recyclable fabrics, clothes, etc, and wants to be aware of how she can be greener by inquiring more information about environmental activism and activities. Each year pride is celebrated with a lot of colourful posters, gigantic floats, and celebratory items. So we asked her how we can make Pride greener.

Rainbow Cropped Tank

A start could be being more aware and conscious of the materials we are using to make these items. If they are recyclable and reusable for future events."

Sophia, Founder of Liberty Line


She also said "Climate change is here. Climate change is happening. Climate change is an issue that we must all come to the realization that We are the ones destroying our world every day. And realization is not enough. We must educate ourselves and actively participate in living a more sustainable lifestyle."

How do you deal with negativity?


Sophia emphasizes self-care as an important part to keep herself from exhausting moments mentally and emotionally. She finds peace in listening to music and even talking to her support system.

I definitely think the cause is stronger with numbers and being a small business owner, I hope my brand can amplify the vision of making the world greener." 

Sophia, Founder of Liberty Line


We would like to thank you to Sophia taking time to interview with us.

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Liberty Line currently supports #BLM by donating 10% of their revenue from check-outs.

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