4 Best Zero-Waste Shops In Toronto

be green but be precautious

Although there seems to be a slight let-up in the pandemic, we still need to avoid large gatherings and shouldn’t be deluded into thinking that we are out of danger yet. Today, for those who still are self-conscious about social distancing and still want to make the planet greener, we prepared a list of local markets where you can shop eco-friendly and zero-waste.

1. Unboxed Market

Shop Store

1263 Dundas St. W, Toronto

(416) 533-9017

Close on Monday

Co-founder Michelle and Luis believe that “restaurant”culture evokes a disconnection which many people today have with their food. People create an incredible amount of unnecessary waste (both food and packaging) every day.

Having grown up in the area where containers were returned to farmers, and where items from one’s gardens were brought to the house bundled in dish-towels or baskets, they brought up "Unboxed Market" in Toronto.

You can either bring your container from home or use the market’s container after paying a deposit. Also, you can enjoy litterless lunch from its café. They have sweets, sandwiches, salads, and more in the grab-and-go counter.

2. Saponetti

Only Pick-up

615c Brock Ave, Toronto

(647) 344-1875

Tuesday to Friday, 1pm - 4pm

Order Online

Saponetti is Toronto’s first and only soap delivery company trying to offer premium, Canadian-made, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, soaps and detergents.

Since they bulk-buy all the products and deliver them to you in reusable glass mason jars, it is the perfect selection for people who want convenience and savings, without the throwaway factor. When you place your order online, they’ll bring it to you, and picking up your empties – just like the milkman in the old days!

The long term goal of Saponetti continuously invests in the greenest equipment, vehicles, and delivery systems. They want to make a meaningful decrease in Toronto’s plastic use and reduce our city’s dependency on fossil fuel-derived products.

3. Bare Market

Pick-Up Only

1480 Danforth Ave, Toronto

(416) 466-0006

Schedule For Pick Up

Order Online

Bare market is a grocery store pursuing free plastic and packaging. Design by Common Good Studio and construction by Fourth Pig, it is as eco-conscious as it is beautiful. With lots of furniture it is also modular so the space can be used in different ways.

Instead of using plastic packaging like everyone else, you can select several ways that can allow you to shop greener. You can purchase containers, borrow a container for a $2 deposit, grab a container that's been donated for free, or bring your own.

Bare Market also works directly with local farmers to obtain their products free of packaging. They also have a café inside the store to upcycle stock that would otherwise be wasted, but there are also some pastries for quick pickup.

4. Logan & Finley

Pick-Up Only

670 Queen St. W, Toronto

(416) 769-9732

Mondays & Thursdays 11am-1pm

Fridays & Saturdays 2pm-5pm

Photo by logan & finley

Logan & Finley is an eco-conscious general store trying to provide thoughtfully chosen, well designed, ethically sourced, sustainable products people are using everyday life - clothing, accessories, less waste solutions, skincare, cleaning products and gifts.

The prime goal of this store is to find solutions for living a more sustainable lifestyle, so each product they feature matches the criteria of being local, natural, or built to last.

We hope our little virtual adventure to our local eco-friendly stores encouraged you to continue your green journey. Visiting these kinds of stores can give you special memories and amusement while you keep an effort to remain social distancing. Our effort to stay green never stops.


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