Fashion & Beauty Pop-up

Fashion & Beauty Pop-up

We recently took part in the Fashion & Beauty Pop-up that happened in Toronto and it was a great experience. We were happy to have such great conversations regarding the environment and our role in preserving it. Since Oxygenate was officially launched only 5 months, this was an exciting opportunity that would help us share our values and mission with many people.

Our participation in the Pop-Up all started when I got a DM from Khalia, a friend of mine and Sage. She has always been a huge supporter of me and Oxygenate. We just finished up with our partnership with TedxToronto and we were a bit overwhelmed. 

However, we decided to take part in the pop-up because I thought it would be a great opportunity to work with empowering female entrepreneurs and share Oxygenate with a lot more people. I told Khalia that I would love to do it, and so the Oxygenate team started preparing a month before the event. After a month of careful planning, producing our Tooth Bites and overcoming minor obstacles along the way. We thought it would be a great idea to do quiz about climate change to educate and engage with people.

We also had prizes for the winners and let them to put their hand in a box and pull out a card that showed what they won. The prizes were One year Tooth Bites Subscription, Two 6 months of Tooth Bites and 50% off coupons for their next online purchase on our website. The questions that were generated came from a book Sage was reading called Losing Earth a Recent History, a book about the history of climate change and how it has been handled throughout the years.

On the top of the quiz, we offer in house personalization for bamboo Toothbrush. Our customers who purchased Single pack got their name on the toothbrushes! At the pop-up, people were able to purchase just the Bamboo Toothbrush with personalization!

The day started slow with only a few people coming in. Although it was great to see people getting up bright and early, it made the first half of the day feel very long. By around noon, there was not many people. However, this was great because I got to speak with many of the great entrepreneurs from the other booths!

We talked, shared our thoughts and ideas and became friends. It was amazing to see how hard everyone was working and striving for success. It was motivational, inspiring and made us want to work even harder! After lunch, the pop-up got a lot busier and more alive. People enjoyed participating in our quiz and a few even one some prizes! I had a chance to speak with a few people about what we do and what goals we will achieve. Everyone I spoke to was receptive and respectful.

Since we had a physical place for sales, we sold Tooth Bites in bulk. I remember 3 customers brought their own containers and purchased Tooth Bites. They all got a 50% discount for their bulk purchase at the pop-up. I was very excited to meet people who care about environment and minimizing their waste.

We are so glad to participate in the Fashion & Beauty Pop-up with women - owned local brands Effortless secondhand shop, Grey Beauty, Khalia, and Poro Cosmetics. There were all amazing entrepreneurs and I would also like to thank all vendors for coming out and supporting Oxygenate.

We could not have done the Pop-up without everyone involved. Also, we would like to thank the Oxygenate team for being supportive, helpful and bringing their positive energy to the event. We cannot wait to show you what's next!