In College, I wanted to work for non-for profit organizations, especially at a place that was concerned with the wellbeing of animals and our planet. Environmental issues have always struck a chord with me. About a year ago, I remember watching a video on BuzzFeed. It was about a woman living waste-free for 30 days. I was especially impressed by the amount of waste that she had saved and the action she took.


The video inspired me to want into eco-friendly living. After watching the video, I started to buy products with naked packaging and went to local markets to buy fresh groceries. During my transition, I too struggled to find waste-free toothpaste. As a did more research on toothpaste, I discovered the negative impact our toothpaste tubes have on the environment. I could not find alternatives to using toothpaste tubes, so I decided to make my own waste-free toothpaste. In fact, thinking about it also made me want to help my friends and family adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. This is what sparked Oxygenate.


When I first created my toothpaste, I made enough for me and a few friends and family. My first attempt was more like a first waste-free Tooth - Jelly, rather than tooth tablets. It was my first attempt at a solid toothpaste. Fast-forward a few weeks, I discovered different events and lectures discussing sustainable businesses and found an entrepreneurship competition for social change. Joining the competition felt like the natural next step. During this competition, I pitched my idea for Oxygenate and made it as a finalist! Although I did not win, I was happy to see support for my ideas and the positive reception towards Oxygenate.


My goal is to oxygenate the earth to make a livable planet for everyone and that is why I am always striving to improve my brand and products. My brand not only sells products, it also helps people create environmentally-conscious habits. Hana Bae, Founder of Oxygenate Since then, I continued to do my research on the most sustainable and effective methods and ingredients that would not only benefit our teeth, but also contribute to our planet’s well-being.



Finally on July, 2019, Oxygenate was launched its first product, the ToothBites, my latest attempt at creating a solid toothpaste. By working three different jobs, I am able to invest more into Oxygenate in order to better provide quality products and services to like-minded individuals who care for the environment as much as I do.