#Affordable Green

#Affordable Green

I have been trying to spread the Tooth Bites with positivity that will help our planet, but since Covid-19, things have changed. There are inflations, low-wage increase. More importantly, people are cutting their expense in sustainable purchases globally.


Figure 1. Sustainable purchases have witnessed a decline in recent months

I want to make an impact. I know you do too. But it won't be possible without customers who can afford our products. Affordability has associated with idea of being poor quality. Eco-friendly and organic products have seen as exclusive for wealthier people. The price point is the primary reason consumers will not purchase sustainable products.


Figure 2. Consumers perceive cost as a major concern while making decisions around sustainable purchases

We need to break the inequality by making green products accessible for anyone. I believe this can bring more customers and supporters to deliver our mission. That is why we launched new campaign with Tooth Powder instead of Tooth Bites which cost more in production.

We want to make our brand and products easily adaptable and accessible. Doing good for the planet shouldn't be difficult for anyone. We reject being an expensive green brand. Instead we make affordable green possible.

Simply making green products affordable can allow more people to make sustainable choices. Will this make your transition for going green easier? We don't know yet but let us reduce your financial compromise when it comes to green shopping.

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